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6.0L 6.4L HD Lifters

On sale $460.00 $405.99
Availability: These are in stock ready to ship !!
We now have our Performance 6.0-6.4 POWERSTROKE LIFTERS. READY to ship MADE IN USA ! ALSO ask about our 7.3 lifters as well!

 These roller tappets are made of premium material along with tighter tolerances than the OE lifter. Along with that u can expect slower leak down which turns into more lift at the valve.

The tighter tolerances also make it harder for the spring to deflect inside the tappet causing it to hammer the retainer and pop it out of the ring groove... and well you know what happens from here...U can also gain from the "high rev racing retainer " that adds to the security of holding the internals of the hydraulic tappet inside. Also has added oiling grove to send oil directly into roller.

These are a great upgrade on ANY cam job! 
These lifters are made in the United States from superior forgings with a black oxide finish and a "C" clip retainer. With a reduced clearance between the lifter body and the precision ground internal piston, a slow leak down is allowed with very little loss of valve lift or duration at any RPM. These lifters will leak down between 90 to 120 seconds, whereas OEM lifters leak down between 10 to 120 seconds. This smaller leak down range helps create balance between all cylinders. Additionally, the tighter internal clearances cause the lifter to act as a heavy duty shock absorber holding up to higher spring pressure and higher lift camshafts.

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