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68 mm Comp 2 Turbo

Your Price: $3,600.00
Part Number: SADP-68mm comp 2 turbo
Availability: In Stock
This turbo is for the most aggressive in hp increase and flow but yet still using the factory vvt turbo housing for unmatched spool up and drivability.
The Stage 2 comp turbo comes with a 68mm compressor! Modded vvt housing along with upgraded turbine. This is the biggest the vanes can be cut and the biggest High flow turbine!  
This turbo is the baddest VGT on the market! 

With our kit there is no need to Cut or send out Rocker box to clear our compressor cover for simplicity and less down time on job. 

Kit will include: 
  • Hot side turbo extension pipe 
  • 1-Turbo hot side clamp 

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