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SADP 6.4L Ford (2007.5-2010) Triple Turbo Kit - Stage 1

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Triple Turbo Kit - Stage 1
Part Number: SADP-6.4L-TTK
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Compatible with 2008-2010 6.4L Ford Powerstroke Diesels only. 

Stage 1: Truck delivers ~750 horsepower to the rear wheels. That is a ton of power!

Our Triple Turbo Kits utilize the factory Turbo Charger and delivers: 
  • Lower EGTs 
  • Increased Driveability 
  • Turbo Charger Options 
  • Installs with the Cab on 
  • No cutting truck's parts

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Article available in the Dec 2014 issue of Diesel World featuring Brenton Lindenberg's Triple Turbo Kit