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SADP Ford 6.4L Fuel Bowl Delete

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Part Number: SADP-6.4L-FBD
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This kit is a drop-in replacement; no cutting or removing anything other than unbolting the factory fuel bowl and replacing it with our kit. Most customers don't realize that with the traditional fuel bowl deletes there is a lot of labor involved with a brand x kit. Required labor to install brand x would begins with removing turbos to remove the factory feed line and HPFP cover. From there, you must thread the adapter fitting into the injection pump. This process can cause debris and other material to be at risk of contaminating the fuel supply.

Also by design, our product will push all debris "if a pump fails" back to tank, our block will not allow metal to flow up back into the supply. Second benefit to our kit is saved time. The time to install brand x kit is hard for the average weekend guy with no lift or special tools to do such a task. This kit works with all simple hand tools along with a perfect fit to factory supply lines. We also offer our "Dual fueler" option that can be fitted with special fittings to supply any brand dual fuel pump kit. DON'T JUST GO WITH " WE ARE THE ORIGINAL" GO WITH THE BEST! Want to see when we released our design? Here is the link._ http://powerstrokearmy.com/forums/showthread.php?t=43895. Don't be fooled by "copy & Paste shops" We Engineer our products to DELIVER !

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